No, I’ve not gone all religious. It’s a brand of clothing and accessories that I stumbled across about a year ago and I have managed to amass quite a collection. Actually I’ve got a lot more than I thought I had before I started writing this post!

I’ve always had a thing for skulls in all shapes, sizes, colours, everything. I’m not saying that I wander up to people and start feeling their heads (that would be creepy and would probably result in me being like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory with lots of restraining orders on my wall). I just like skulls. Whether they’re menacing or not, I love them all. I can’t remember when it started exactly but I remember doing Design and Technology for a GCSE where we had to make something that was aesthetically pleasing. I chose to carve a skull, complete with vampire fangs and snake coming out of its eye socket, from wood. I remember the woodwork teacher saying that at least I had chosen something original (and indeed, I used to come in to class to see that he had done something to it for me – drilling out eye holes etc).

So that’s round about when my fascination started and since then it’s just grown. I was a goth when I was younger and skulls were the in thing for Goths. As I’ve got older I’ve toned down the goth-ness (the corporate world isn’t ready for that!) but the desire still lies deep rooted within my soul!

Why do I mention this now, on a blog post that probably about 5 people will read? Well I was sat at work and was thinking about my new bag which I love which in turn led me to think about the brand that makes it and all the cool stuff they do. Skulls on clothing or jewellery are ten-a-penny these days. It is no longer consigned to the strange shops you would find tucked away down alleys which sold incense and pots of strange coloured hair dyes (which will dye the bath just as well as your hair – trust me, I know!). Anyway, I digress. My new bag. It is lovely. And is my third purchase from Religion, ( a clothing and accessories brand. The brand was initially developed as a niche t-shirt range but soon expanded in to other aspects of clothing and accessories. If I had to, I’d describe it as rock-chic but I’d rather not. What I do like about the brand, is their wonderful use of skulls and skeletons. It makes me happy!

I got my first bag about 8 months ago. It’s so cool. It’s black (naturally), huge and has the trademark kneeling down and praying skeleton on it.

I then went on to get a purse to match!

And lastly I got another bag the other week. My new bag is probably my favourite because of the new skull designs they are using.

As you can see from the picture, there are skull adornments hanging from the zips and these little skulls have little crowns on them (which is very reminiscent of Alexander McQueen stuff). Whilst this bag is a little small for all the stuff that I cart around with me on a daily basis, it’s a good little bag for the weekend when I just want my purse, phone etc.

I may also have ordered this one for when I go out on the town!!! (I totally forgot about that!)

The only problem is, I was looking on the internet for other Religion accessories and, well, I can see my wage disappearing very quickly. Especially if I convince myself that I NEED the hard clutch bag with crowned skull knuckleduster handle. Isn’t it beautiful?

 Oh, and then there was the watch too!!! I really do have a problem don’t I?

So, what do you look for when you’re buying accessories?