I was talking to one of my friends the other day (the lovely Mariella – you can find her blog here) about dreams and aspirations for the future and this got me thinking so I figured I’d do a bit of a rambling blog entry on it (what else was I going to do?)!

I’m getting to an age now (21 again) where I’m thinking more about the future and what I want it to entail. I’ve done the whole ‘getting a career’ thing and seem to have done ok at it. I love my job which is a rare thing these days and I can see myself spending a few more years doing what I’m doing but (and this is a big but), as much as I love my job I don’t envisage me doing this right until the point of retirement. I always figured I’d be married and have kids by now but that hasn’t happened either so I’m having to re-evaluate my life a bit. To be honest the last time I really thought about what the future would hold I was a teenager just heading off to university. Then I thought that I would be a world famous author living in America and making a fortune. Well, that didn’t happen. Partly because (well mostly if I’m being honest) of my lack of ability to finish anything (lots of good ideas but no drive to get past the dodgy bit in the middle to the end). And then there’s the whole talent thing too!

So what do I want my future to entail? Well the idea struck me at the end of last year that I wanted to move; actually properly move away from the area where I grew up to somewhere completely new. And I came up with Norfolk; more specifically the north of Norfolk. You know, where the country suddenly gets a big bum before it heads on down Brighton way but at the top end of the big bum, like around the coccyx area. I didn’t’ come up with this willy-nilly. There was a degree of thought that went in to it. I used to go to Norfolk for family holidays and the death of one of my uncles who used to come with us spurred me on with remembering what it was like (which was a massive convoy of about 8 cars all driving down at about 3 in the morning because my Grandma didn’t like being on the motorway when it was busy – not that she was driving!!!). There were other aspects that I thought of too. It’s close enough to home so that people can come and visit without it being an overly long journey but it’s far enough away that people can’t just pop in! And, this is the best bit, I can live by the sea. Not by the sea say in Blackpool where there are millions of people but somewhere quiet by the sea where I can walk on the beach in summer (and winter) and there not be loads of other people there.

I think what I’m really after is a bit of solitude. And the sea. And a detached house with no neighbours next door with dogs that bark all the time or who play music till silly-o’clock when I have work the next day!

Whilst researching this brilliant idea I came across some lovely pictures from where I was first thinking of living and I thought I’d share them with you all. Enjoy.

What would be your dream place to live?