So I went shopping to an outlet and wandered in to a cookware store. I love it in there. They have good quality bakeware at a fraction of a normal cost. The brand I have is ProCook and you can buy it here. They have a sale on at the moment so it is really good value. I already have a lot of stuff from there that I got for my birthday and christmas last year. I have 3 8″ springform tins, a large baking sheet and a cupcake pan. To add to my collection I bought two smaller baking sheets and a loaf tin.

Oven gloves

Loaf tin

Baking sheet

In my mind you can never have too many baking sheets. Whether you use them for baking or just for general food cooking, they’re a staple in any kitchen. I got the loaf tin as there are a few recipes I’ve seen that I fancy trying out. One of them is from Nigella and can be found here. One of my friends made this cake when I went round to visit and I can attest that it is absolutely gorgeous when eaten still warm with lots of cream. I fancy having a go at this one myself. I got the oven gloves as I only have one silicon mitt which is the weirdest thing in the world (shaped like a crocodile) and I figured I needed more than one to get things out of the oven without using a tea towel and burning myself in the process!

When I finally get round to making something in my loaf tin, I’ll be sure to do a post on it (if it turns out good that is!)