A holiday from work would not be complete without a little trip to the shopping centre so this morning I set out on my way. After a slightly nerve-wracking journey there (think small car, high winds) I wandered in to Selfridges. I had to stop off and look at all the cute Hello Kitty goodies before I did anything else!

Unfortunately my good mood didn’t stay for long as the girl from the NARS counter made me feel about 3 which explains why I walked away without buying anything. The girl on the MAC counter faired slightly better but, to be honest, not much. But still, I managed to get hold of some Fix+.


I did also manage to find a top to wear to my niece’s christening which kind of isn’t me but is more me than the other stuff I’ve been looking at. And people tend to look at you strange if you turn up in all black and goth-ed up for a christening. I’m going to team it with some black trousers and a small cardigan and some strappy heels if I ever manage to find some.

It’s got a crochet bit around the neck and pretty girly flowers on it. (I am so not a girly-girl!)

After stopping for a refreshing mango smoothie I wandered on down to Lush to get myself some goodies for my bath and shower. And I spent a fortune but at least I’ll smell nice for the next couple of months.

It’s Raining Men shower gel, Helping Hands hand cream and Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Melting Marshmallow Moment, Comforter Bubble Bar Slice, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice

I love Lush. They are most definitely my bath products of choice. It’s Raining Men is basically Honey I Washed The Kids soap in a liquid form. I love the soap but prefer a shower gel for when I’m in the shower. I got the biggest size and whilst it was expensive, I reckon it’ll last me for ages. I had a sample of Helping Hands a while ago and thought it was a good hand cream. It’s better to be used at night as it’s quite sticky. I’ll be putting this on my bedside table. I got the Fair Trade Foot Lotion on a bit of a whim. I’m not sure I like the smell but I figure it’s going to be on my feet and far away from my nose so it should be ok! But it’s getting towards sandal weather (hopefully anyway) and I need to give my feet some TLC. And then for the bath products, I stuck to my three most favourite ones of all. They all basically smell sweet and like candy. The Comforter turns the bath water pink which is always a bonus! At least I know what my plan for tonight is going to be – book and bath.

And then, on my way back out to the car, and seeing as I didn’t spend my usual fortune in Paperchase, I stopped off at the Jelly Belly shop in Selfridges. You pick up a bag and then you can choose just the jelly beans you like so there’s none of the having to fish around in the bag and hoping you’ll get a flavour you like.


Unfortunately my shopping trip wasn’t that brilliant or interesting but it was a fun way to spend a morning. All that shopping has tired me out so I’m off for a nap…..