I’ve been watching a lot of movies over the past couple of weeks owing to there not being a great deal of good tv at the moment and it got me thinking about some of my favourite movies. They’re an odd collection but coming from me they always were going to be!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 
No, not the original version (this version has never really appealed to me) but the one with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. I tried reading the book but never got further in than the first couple of chapters. I kind of wish I had read the book before I watched the movie as it would have prepared me for some of the more, erm, graphic scenes. But, apart from Daniel Craig looking nothing like he does in the Bond movies (i.e. old and a little bit wrinkly) the movie was great. Rooney Mara is brilliant as the very emotionally scarred and slightly psychotic Lisbeth.

Not quite James Bond……

American Beauty
This film should come under the heading ‘I watch it because I have a strange celebrity crush on Kevin Spacey’ as well as the ‘it’s just a bloody good film’ one.  A tale of a man having a middle aged crisis whilst lusting after his teenage daughters’ best friend. It’s got sex, violence, drugs and a bit of rock and roll in the form of Pink Floyd. I have watched this movie so many times that I know most of the dialogue off by heart. There’s only one other movie I have done that for and that’s the next one in the list.

Needs a bell button ring I think!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I remember the first time I saw this movie when I was a lot lot younger than I am now. I also remember trying to get my best friend at the time (who coincidentally is still my best friend now) to do the time warp in her living room while her sister stood in the doorway and laughed at us. I love this film. I know all the songs off by heart. I know all the dialogue off by heart. I could watch it for ever and ever and ever. My most favourite bit, where Tim Curry comes down in the lift for the first time as Frankenfurter. A man in woman’s underwear looking quite sexy! There’s a reason why I’m as odd as I am.


Fast and Furious 5
Well to be perfectly honest, I liked all of the Fast and Furious films (apart from the one without Vin Diesel in it) but I love 5 especially because on one side there is Vin Diesel and on the other there is The Rock. That was what really sold it to me. That and the fast cars. I do love a movie with men with muscles and fast cars. There’s not really a lot else I can say about it!!

I was going to put a promo picture up but why do that when you can have Vin on one side and Dwayne on the other?

Pirates of the Caribbean
Johnny Depp. Eyeliner. Pirates. Davy Jones’ locker. Johnny Depp. Monkeys. Eyeliner. Johnny Depp!!! What else can you say about a film that has Johnny Depp in it? Apart from complaining that he doesn’t take his clothes off enough for me!!

Omnom nom nom

So these are five of my favourite movies. There are more of varying genres, stars, storylines but they’ll come later.

What are your favourite movies?