I love corsets. I think it harks back to my Gothic tendencies that arrived when I was a teenager and have been pretty much present ever since. They also fit in with the whole Steampunk movement too. As much as I love corsets though, they are flaming painful to wear. When made in to a bridesmaid dress, a corset can stop you from being able to get your food in to your stomach (been there, done that). When used as part of a Halloween party outfit they can dig in to your side so much that no amount of alcohol can stop the pain!

Anyway I was thinking about corsets the other day and looking around the internets and found some really nice examples which I thought I’d share with you.

Corsets and feathers - brilliant combination.

Steampunk at its best

I have this one

Nice with a bit of netting

Black and purple. You can't go wrong.

This one reminds me of Beetlejuice

Sexy, sexy

Now if only someone could invent a comfortable corset (and without me looking daft when wearing it to work) I’d happily wear one all the time.