I watch a lot of TV. And if you watch TV, then you have to watch adverts. One advert that always makes me smile is the new one for EDF energy. Whilst it doesn’t make me want to swap to their energy company, it does make me want one of the cute little bopping things that star in it.

I know it’s sad but I so want one. I want to put one on my dashboard so it can bop along as I drive around!!

Unfortunately EDF doesn’t seem to be making any of these (*sob*) but I have found an alternative which is available here (this is the cheapest I can find).

The Keepon was originally developed by two scientists to help them study social development and autism in children. When they posted footage of the Keepon on the internet it became huge and now everyone can have one!

I think once payday comes around again, I’ll be getting one of these little cuties!!