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This Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of the rain hitting the window and the cat snoring his little head off. I honestly didn’t want to get out of bed but dragged myself up so I could have the breakfast of champions – coffee, croissants and Nutella!

One of my friends introduced me to these frozen croissants that you can pick up from a local farm shop. All you do is take them out of the freezer the night before you want to use them, pop them on some baking parchment, cover them with kitchen roll and leave them overnight to defrost and prove.

Just before the oven.

I totally forgot to take a picture of these when they were first out of the freezer but they were more than half the size they are now.

Put these lovelies in to the oven (200degrees for 8-10 minutes) and wait for the coffee to filter. And this is what you get when they come out.

Fresh out of the oven

Now what do you have with lovely croissants that are fresh out of the oven? Well, my friend (the same one who told me about the frozen croissants) also told me that if you put Nutella in the microwave (make sure all bits of foil are off) for about 30 seconds it makes it runny so you can use it for dipping (strawberries etc) or, as I do with my croissants, use a knife to put loads of it on to the croissant and stuff it all in.

So here’s what my breakfast looked like.

The finished breakfast.

What the above photo doesn’t show is the mess I made when I was eating my breakfast (crumbs everywhere) or the fact that I drank the entire pot of coffee!! These croissants are brilliant. They taste so much better than the ones you buy ready cooked from the supermarket and take no time at all to cook. Of course you can eat them with things other than Nutella but why change perfection??!

And I’ll leave you with a picture of the cat pulling his ‘I hate mornings’ face. Well actually it might just be his normal face as he is generally grouchy at all times.

This is his Sunday morning face!