So this weekend I was bored. Very bored. I couldn’t quite bring myself to go anywhere (too apathetic) but didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing (amazing I know!). So I figured I’d do what I normally do when I’m either bored, stressed, need to think (anytime really) and I made some cupcakes.

Finished cupcake

These are just plain old normal cupcakes (not vanilla – don’t like vanilla flavouring). I nicked the idea of putting jam in the middle and topping with buttercream from An American Cupcake in London blog (recipe found here). For the first time I used the old ‘weigh your eggs and then however much they weight, match that weight with your butter, flour and sugar’ that my mum used to use when I was little. I’d forgotten all about that but I figured it turned out pretty well. Normally I only have enough mixture for 10 cupcakes (I like big cupcakes) but this time I had enough for a full dozen.

Cupcakes before the oven

Cupcakes after the oven

I may have left these in the oven for a minute or so too long but hey, at least they’re golden brown and not burnt!

Next I cut out a hole from the middle of the cupcake and filled it with jam.

Holes and the bits from the middle which I ate whilst mixing the buttercream!!!

With jam

The amount of butter you need for buttercream always frightens me!

Buttercream. So wrong yet so right!

Finished cupcakes. My icing needs a lot of work (and the buttercream could have done with being a bit more melted) but they're going to be edible!

Things I have learnt!

  1. I really need to learn how to ice cupcakes.
  2. I made the holes for the jam too big.
  3. I put too much jam in the holes (see previous entry)
  4. My buttercream was too stiff to pipe easily.
All in all though, they taste ok and no doubt people will happily eat them.