So, Friday is going to be the day of lists and favourites and generally stuff I like. There’ll be several links so feel free to hop on over and see why I’m liking what I’m liking!


GRIMM – Anything that comes from the mind of Buffy producer and Angel co-creator is bound to be something that I’m going to like and Grimm hasn’t disappointed. I love the premise (Nick is a Grimm who has to keep the balance between the human world and the mythological one whilst still staying true to himself) and the fact that it’s loosely based on Grimm’s fairytales which I loved reading when I was little. I also love Monroe played by Silas Weir Mitchell. He’s the right mix of sweet (and very tall) guy who has a dark and beastly side. I really hope that this series gets renewed but with a bigger budget so that they can get some better special effects!

FRINGE – I have forgiven J.J. Abrams for giving us Lost (which I managed to watch for all of two episodes before I gave up on it and just read episode synopsis’) because he has now given us Fringe. A wonderful amalgamation of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and lots of weird and wonderful ‘Fringe events”. It reminds me of The X Files but without the annoying Scully and the pathetic Mulder. It also has some interesting premises with two parallel universes which reminds me of Newton’s Third Law ‘To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction’ (do I sound intelligent now?!)

CSI – The original and most definitely NOT Miami or New York. I loved the show when Grissom was in it. I hated it when Laurence Fishburne was in it (sorry, loved him in The Matrix, hated him in CSI!). I expected to hate it when Ted Danson took over but I was completely wrong. He’s brilliant. He’s enough like Grissom to take the show back to what it was like in the beginning but enough like his own person to be different. And he’s funny. Who knew?

CRIMINAL MINDS – Again the original and not the LA spin-off. I got in to this series late, watched all of them up to the current one and am still addicted. Admittedly it does help that there is some definite eye candy in there (Shemar Moore) but I generally like crime shows and this one doesn’t disappoint. It comes with it’s own geeky techie and there are even a few appearances from Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy) to keep me going although he doesn’t look like he used to do – guess we all get old right?!

Finally, I’ve saved the best till last.

GAME OF THRONES – I cannot get in to the books to save my life but boy do I totally and utterly love this show. There is no one thing that makes me love it but the dragons help, as does Tyrion played brilliantly by Peter Drinklage. There’s the right amount of intrigue, fantasy, and mass market genre appeal. And (spoiler – don’t read on if you haven’t watched the first series) I have to admit that I sat in my living room and screamed at my TV set when the main characters head was chopped off. That was unexpected!!!

There are many other TV shows out there that I like watching and enjoy but I’ll save them and put them in to another list as some other time!