So I went shopping today. Well I mainly went to get a Starbucks coffee and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which one of my friends is convinced are laced with crack because they are so addictive – especially if you have no willpower like me!) I wandered in to Marks and Spencers to get a few bits and pieces to keep me going until my shopping is delivered and I spotted these two cute little sets.

Measuring spoons and measuring cups

I thought these were adorable. I’m not really a big pastel colour fan but it suits their tiny little shapes. The spoon set was £3.50 and the cups were £5 which I didn’t think was too bad considering they come from M&S!!!! I’ve been finding lots of recipes from America which call for cup measures and I figured using these would be easier than trying to convert them over to English measurements. Now I just need to find something to bake so I can use them! Any ideas? And in an unrelated but kind of related way, I saw this mug when I was shopping a while ago and thought it was the cutest thing ever. And quite big (all my mugs have to be big!)

It's got cupcakes on it. And it's a mug. A big mug. Woohoo!!!