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So, this week I’m on holiday from work. I envisaged lots of shopping, drinking coffee and getting together with friends. Unfortunately this was not to be as on Saturday morning my dad was admitted to hospital. Thankfully he is now on the road to recovery but between visiting him and making sure my mum was ok, my week hasn’t been going as planned. So, I was very happy when I walked in to the hospital shop to get my dad a paper and saw this little cutie.

Isn't he cute?

I have a thing for bats of all kinds. My first tattoo was of a bat (a throwback from my full on goth days) so they hold a special place in my heart. I have several cuddly bats that currently reside in my car so when I saw this little orange and purple one I had to have it to put it with all it’s new friends in my car. One day I’ll get round to taking pictures of all my bats but for now, there’s just my new addition.