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So, after the Easter from Hell which saw me spend 12 hours in two different hospitals while doctors deigned to grace my dad with their presence and another early morning phone call from my mum this morning saying that they were rushing my dad in for an emergency operation (he had his gallbladder removed and, thankfully is doing SO much better) I took to the whisk and made a cake.
The cake was originally supposed to be dessert for lunch on Easter Sunday but that didn’t happen. So, seeing as I had the ingredients already in the cupboard I figured I might as well make the cake.
I love baking. It’s so therapeutic. You have to concentrate on what you’re doing and you get to lick out the bowl afterwards!
I figured I’d make a cake seeing as I always make cupcakes and I have some springform tins that I got for Christmas waiting to be used. I used a normal equal measures cake mix, chucked it in two of the tins, threw them in the oven and then 25 minutes later I had two lovely cakes. I levelled one off using my new cake leveller and put them in a cake tin overnight. The next morning I spread one half with jam, whisked up some cream and put that over the jam and then put sliced strawberries on top of that. I have to say it looked great and tasted even better. Rather than eating the whole thing to myself, I wandered around giving cake to various different people although my dad couldn’t have his piece. I did show him the below photo today in a ‘look at what you could have been eating if you hadn’t have been making everyone frantic with worry’ kind of way!!