Woohoo. Yeah. Thank God for that!

But that’s the only good bit cos now there’s the New Year to go through complete with people asking you what you are planning on doing. Well, to save people from asking me, I shall be on my sofa, in my pyjamas, with a chocolate brownie cake I will have made that day, a pot of cream and a large unopened bottle of Russian Standard Black Label vodka. And in no way, shape or form will I be watching anything that involves a countdown to midnight. In fact, if everything goes to plan, I should be passed out in a chocolate and vodka coma by then!!! Happy New Year everyone!

Oh yeah, and I’m back in work tomorrow. Why I didn’t book the bit in-between Christmas and New year off I’ll never know? Working 2 days this week seemed like a good idea until I realised that I don’t have a right lot to do once I get in there, the building is going to be half empty and my boss is going to be in so I can’t even spend the two days doing something I want to seeing as she sits next to me!!!