Well to be perfectly honest it’s not really a new one. It’s one that appears every now and then when I’ve been watching cooking programmes. It’s the bloke below; chef James Martin.

Now I did have a picture of this guy that I took a fair few years ago when I went to watch him cook at a food festival in Skipton but I have no idea what I’ve done with it :-(. If you are unaware of who he is he is a chef from Yorkshire who loves fast cars. Basically an ideal man; gorgeous, can cook, is tall and likes fast cars. Now if only there were more men like him out there I would be a happy woman!!!!

My crush raised it’s head again last Sunday when I went down to Birmingham with my mum for the Good Food Show. I found the show itself a bit disappointing as I was envisaging coming away from there with absolutely loads of lovely new goodies but apparently not. I did come away with a black forest cupcake though which was nice but very sweet. What did make the whole trip worthwhile though (despite spending several hours in the car with my mum!) was watching James Martin do an alternative Xmas lunch and a cut down version of Saturday Kitchen. In person he is absolutely gorgeous and definitely made me go weak at the knees. It was slightly disturbing though watching my sixty-something old mother drool over someone young enough to be her son but I’m guessing I can work through it with the help of a very good therapist.

Now I’m off to watch Saturday Kitchen that I recorded this morning and, as a bonus, Sarah Millican is on there and she is hilarious!!