Yup, as much as I hate to admit it since I stopped going to Weight Watcher (or Fat Fighters as I prefer to call it – dust anyone?) I have steadily been putting back on the weight that I lost. So I have finally decided to do something about it and I’m off back to Fat Fighters. I’m not going to the same class though. To be honest the woman running that one was so annoyingly happy and chirpy that I just wanted to strangle her. And I’m going to follow the same plan of not staying for the meetings. There’s only so much clapping and cheering I can take! But the ritual humiliation of heading off to get weighed each week is what I need and if that means that I have to pay £19.99 a month to essentially just get weighed then that’s what I’m going to have to do.

I can’t say I’m totally looking forward to it. Obviously I’m looking forward to losing the weight again but I’m not looking forward to hours spent planning what I can eat and what I can take to work for lunch! The books are going to have to come back out and I might have to purchase one of the ‘easy meals for the sad people on their own who cry into their food and wish they could just eat chocolate’ so that I have an idea of what to cook and how but it’s just tough and I’m going to have to get my head in to gear and get something done.

At least I have another added incentive in that my best friend has asked me to be godmother to her gorgeous son and I need to look good on all the christening photos. Losing some weight before then might mean that I can find a lovely outfit and not look huge!

So goodbye takeaways, chocolate (well the amount I eat anyway) and all the stuff that tastes so good but that is so bad and hello vegetables, fruit and smaller portions! At some point I might even get myself off to the gym but for now I’ll stick to the diet and falling over my feet in the comfort of my own home when I do my workout games on the Wii!!!!

Now I’m off to eat my naughty food stash in the house so that it’s all gone before Monday……..

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