I should say that I don’t mean that literally (although there have been a few occasions in the past couple of weeks that make me question that!)

What I do mean is that she is trying to kill me through exercise! I’m not the fittest of people and I will freely admit I’d rather sit down and watch some tv rather than going outside for a run or to the gym. But I am trying. And part of this trying includes playing squash every week with one of my unbelievably fit, runs all the time, friends. So far I am down 2 matches but I reckon I can change that if I make myself play dirty (to be fair, it’s the only way I’m ever gonna win!)

Part of the game does seem to revolve around me dodging the ball or standing rooted to the spot and screaming like, well a girl!!! Which is the bit that leads me to question whether or not she is really trying to kill me!

Hopefully the score will start to go in my favour the longer I play it and the more competitive I get. Oh yeah, either of us actually understanding the rules would be good too!!

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