Well, to be honest they were anything other than halcyon and resulted in me being up before 9am EVERY day I was off!!! And, like I said earlier, I remember when days off work meant sleeping late and doing nothing. Those were good days.

I went to the Halifax Food Festival (sounds way grander than it actually was) on Saturday with Catherine and Charlie. We saw Jean-Christophe Novelli flogging his knives and showing people how to make soup (as Catherine put it, anyone can make soup, even the kids she taught in nursery!). We don’t know if he was making that as a first course and was going on to make something more interesting and difficult as it started to chuck it down (typical) and Charlie was hungry. We did however have 17 different types of curry from The Street in Brighouse which were very nice but indistinguishable from each other (one was particularly nice but I don’t know for the life of me which one it was!) and I had some strange doughnut mix but they weren’t doughnuts sweet things.

And so tomorrow it’s back to work for me. Back to getting up at 6am, sitting in traffic for ages and then sitting in a room, surrounded by men who like to talk about football. Great!!! (That said, I only have to work 10 more days before I have a week off!!!)

Plan B needs to be put into action asap!!!