Unfortunately nothing that interesting to be honest!! I remember when days off used to mean sitting on the sofa, watching all the TV I hadn’t had chance to watch whilst working and eating lots and lots of things that are bad for me. Unfortunately now that I have a ‘real’ job with ‘real’ hours that isn’t the case. In fact it turns out that you have to do all the things you can’t be bothered to do on a weekend on your days off. Sucks, doesn’t it?

So here’s what I’ve done in chronological order:

  1. Emptied all the junk out of the spare room and take it to the tip.
  2. go to B&Q with the elderly parentals as my dad gets a 10% discount for being old. Stand in the electric shower aisle trying to get said parentals to offer a flaming opinion on which shower I should get. Cue my dad wandering up and down the aisle looking at showers that weren’t electric and my mum moaning that if she had known I was going to take so long choosing she would have brought some sandwiches with her.
  3. Finally choose a shower and then help the parentals choose some carpet tiles for their conservatory. Look in awe at the guy from B&Q as he gets to play on machinery which moves forwards and backwards and goes up and down (I am easily pleased).
  4. End up taking my mum to do some more shopping while my dad goes to look at the shower I have bought and the shower that is currently in.
  5. Deposit my mum back at her house, sit down with them for five minutes before my dad asks if I’m coming up for me tea that night. Figure I might as well leg it if I’m going to have to spend a small portion of the night with them!
  6. Come home so that I can de-junk my bedroom (which is more hard work than it really should have been) and go to the tip again (visit number 2).
  7. Go up to parents for tea, come home, watch TV and go to sleep.
  8. Get up early on Thursday morning (full of cold, snotty and sneezing and feeling like crap) and wait for my dad to turn up to fit the shower.
  9. Pretend that I’m doing something like tidying up while my dad fits the shower.
  10. run up and down the stairs to turn the electric on and off for my dad. Shower is fitted, everything is back on and it doesn’t work. Read instructions to my dad. Still doesn’t work. Ask my dad if he read the instructions before fitting the shower. Groan when my dad says no he didn’t bother to read the instructions.
  11. Read the instructions VERY LOUDLY to my dad until he pays attention and then finally the shower works.
  12. Go to the tip again (third and final for the time being visit)
  13. Come home, ring friend to say I won’t be going round that evening due to being ‘unclean’ with germs.
  14. Lie on the sofa and go ‘eugh’, feel sorry for myself, blow my nose lots, get a sore nose, have a shower in my lovely new shower, blow my nose lots again, go to bed.
  15. Get up on Friday  morning and wonder where all my snottiness went. Cold appears to have disappeared rather strangely.
  16. Put final arrangements into place for meeting friend for coffee, get text from friend asking if we can do lunch instead. Said friend takes the mickey out of me being ill.
  17. Turn up to meet friend. She is late!!
  18. Friend puts walking reins (or the lead as I like to call it) on her child who then decides he doesn’t want to wear the lead so sits on the floor.
  19. Have very amusing lunch with friend and her son. Especially amusing when friend ‘shares’ a sharing sundae (bigger than my head) with her 1 year old son. Finally she admits that it has defeated her and was probably a bad idea to order it in the first place.
  20. Friends son again can’t be bothered to walk when he has his lead on. Friend comments that the lead is very good for picking them up off the floor when they ‘fall’ over.
  21. Come home with full belly, sort out washing machine, watch TV, spend ages playing games on the internet and wonder whether I can be bothered to go to Ikea tonight when it is absolutely chucking it down outside.
All in all, not the most interesting 3 days off work but I take solace in the fact that I only have to work another two weeks before I have a full week off and can do other ‘interesting’ things!!!