That was my first reaction when I watched the video you can find HERE about some wonderful new nail polishes from Boots No17 range.

I first stumbled across these little beauties when I was reading THIS blog, Le Petit Jardin de Liloo from my Bloglovin linky thingymabob!

What am I talking about? Well they are magnetized nail polishes (and they’ll be available from September 21st). You really have to watch the video to understand why these are so ace. I watched the video and could only think of ‘wow’ to say. Basically you paint the polish on to the nail then hold a magnet which is in the top of the bottle over the nail (but not touching) for around 10 seconds. It turns a pretty boring coat of polish into something that looks weird and wonderful. I can’t say I love all the colours (there’s a blue, a silver, a purple and a green and I’m not a green person) but I will definitely be trying these out come 21st September, well the 23rd cos that’s pay day!