I’ve not done Internet Funnies for a while so I thought I’d put some up now as I sit with my feet up watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (I love that movie, I know every word including speech and songs!!)

Want want want…..

I can’t decide whether I like these or whether they’re the most offensive shoes ever!

The skeleton is creeping out of my finger

If I could walk in heels, these would be the kind of heels I’d want to wear….

This one’s for Lee. He’s mad for anything Pac Man related although I think he might stop at wearing a pink ghost necklace
Probably wouldn’t work in Sowerby Bridge on a Saturday night but I’d love to be able to do this anyway.

Eat-trident. How cool. It’s a shame my ears don’t appear to like being pierced any more

Would the heel shatter on these? I think it might do…..

Skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull skull…..

I love David Bowie and I love Labyrinth, but this, on a jacket? I’m not feeling the love so much…

Corset ring. One step closer to a corset tattoo!


Steampunk shoes are cool

What can I say? Gorgeous, sexy as hell and I’m pretty sure at one bit in the film you can make out his family jewels wobbling…….