Today is the day I pick up my new car. And by new I actually do mean brand spanking new with only 10 miles on the clock. I would never normally have bought a new car but this one is a steal and with the warranty I don’t have to worry about it for three years. It’s also going to halve my running costs which is a bonus. Unfortunately with all the cutting of costs it also means I have to downsize the engine and some of my toys. So it’s goodbye 1.6 engine, twin exhaust, spoiler, keyless entry and ignition and electric door mirrors and hello 1.2 engine (dear god how will I cope!), manual door mirrors and a crappy stereo that needs to be changed. I keep telling myself that I’ll have more cash this way round but it’s not working!!

Also today is the first day I’ve been stressed at work. I’m trying to do something I’ve done a couple of times before but the times I’ve done it before I’ve had someone sat next to me watching. Unfortunately that person is currently in Edinburgh which isn’t really helping. My head hurts and my brain hurts. I’m not amused!!

Anyway come back later for pictures of my new car (please don’t laugh!). Hopefully I won’t have given myself whiplash from the extra sensitive brakes!

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