After having a bit of a wobble about my new job this morning and wondering if I’d made the right decision, I decided I’d try to find things that make me smile. Or laugh. Or just improve my mood no matter what.

My friends (who would kill me if I posted a picture of them) and their gorgeous children. It’s strange how things change when we all get older but it’s all for the better. Now I just need a friend to have a girl baby rather than the boys that seem to be the flavour of the year……

My family – specifically the gorgeousness that are my two nieces – one an 11-year old, knows everything but very sweet and the other a totally cute, blonde curly haired 2 year old.

This YouTube guru – She’s called Kandee Johnson and I have been watching her videos constantly for the past couple of days. I am totally addicted. She is such a nice, happy person and she makes me smile.

My shiny new iPod nano (see previous post)

This website – my friend once commented that I spend altogether too much time looking at I Can Haz Cheezburger and she’s right, I do!!!!

My bed, on my own (not even the cat), cuddled up under the duvet with no alarm set for the morning. Bliss.

There’s probably loads of other things too but I’m almost dying of starvation whilst waiting for my groceries to be delivered. Salmon salad for lunch tomorrow……