It’s been a strange old weekend. It’s the first on where I have a full week to work next week which will be very strange. I had my leaving do from work on Saturday night and, while the turnout wasn’t brilliant, I had a good night regardless and felt a little bit hungover this morning. I went out for a father’s day lunch which was very strange considering my dad wasn’t there because he is poorly and is trying to get rid of it so that he can still go in for his knee operation in 10 days time. Then, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been sat on my bum doing nothing more than watching the first series of Supernatural which is my current tv addiction. I did however, manage to get myself into gear enough to sort out my frazzled hair (from curling it last night for my night out) and have a soak in the bath and sort out my lunch for tomorrow (half day cos I have to go back to the hospital for my final check up for my eyes). Oh yeah, I managed to annoy former work crush too by offering my opinion which he took the wrong way as usual. I apparently am also in the wrong which is pretty normal cos I am always in the wrong and he never is (which is just one of the things that annoys me about him at the moment). So, it’s been a semi-productive day all in all. Now I’m going to watch another couple of episodes of Supernatural before I turn in. And in case you were wondering what the allure of the series is (apart from the obvious Supernatural stuff in it) check out the two main guys in the pic below.

Oh yeah!! I like the one on the right more. He’s got smouldering eyes.