I’ve had a bit of a spending splurge this month which will probably explain why I have no cash to last me till payday but nevermind cos I’ve had fun doing it!!!

I went to Whitby last week with some people from work and, well it’s against the law to go to Whitby and not get yourself some more Whitby Jet. I’ve got quite a collection going now. I love this necklace. I think it’s an every day wearable necklace and that’s what I’ve been doing since I bought it.

New ring in the sale. I think it cost all of £3 which is a bargain. It’s huge and sparkly and will look great on a night out.

Diary for my new job so I can keep track of the hours I’m doing and meetings and stuff. Very grown up!

Seeing as my journey to work will grow from 1 mile to 13 I figure I’m going to need some coffee to get me there on a morning. Whilst I love my Starbucks mug (which is totally leakproof) it doesn’t fit in the cup holder in my car so I’ve treat myself to this one which does fit in my car cup holders!

New bag for new job!!! Let’s face it I’ll use any excuse to get myself a new bag. I love this one though. The leather is so soft and it’s big enough to fit in everything I want to and lots of other stuff besides!