That’s right. The time has finally come where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and my shiny new job is waiting for me. The only problem with that is that I’ve still got 5 hours to go and I’m bored stupid. I forgot to go to the shop on my way in so I have no magazines to read and I’ve already read everything on the Internet that I want to that doesn’t involve actually shopping seeing as I went a bit mental in Whitby and am now skint till payday.

So in order to keep myself occupied I’ve been reading a new blog I found when a friend talked about it on twitter. This blog is by lollipop26 (I think I’ve spelled that right) who used to do YouTube videos but took a break and has come back blogging. I love the blog. It’s fun to read and introduces me to things I would never have thought of before. It’s mainly about make up and clothes and handbags and shoes!! All the stuff I love the most. So if you’re interested in that kind of thing head on over and have a look.

On another note I was thoroughly embarrassed by my colleagues a few hours ago when they presented me with a leaving card and present (iPod nano in case you’re interested!) and made me say a few words which were, to be honest, mostly swear words. It’ll be strange to go to a job where I’m working 8-4 when I’ve done 12 hour shifts for so long but I’m sure I’m well up for the challenge. And it’s a lovely promotion with my own desk and laptop and phone. Brilliant. What more can I ask for? I’ll be at the beck and call of the company at all times!! :-/

Anyway I’m off to do some more trawling of interesting things on the Internet whilst successfully ignoring anything that looks like work. It is my last shift after all…..

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