It says something about a person when they are blogging about having a new cat flap put in. I’m not quite sure what it says but hey!

My cat doesn’t possess the ability to keep a collar on for more than a day before he loses it so I’ve had the cat flap on ‘come in every cat in the neighbourhood’ for a while but unfortunately one of the cats that comes in is a big horrible tom cat which has decided that it wants to spray everywhere in my house. So, with that in mind I have bought one of those microchip cat flaps that only lets your cat in.

Now all I have to do is hope that he still has his microchip in him and that it hasn’t blown!! I’m gonna have to sit here and wait for him to come back in to make sure it works!! Lots of calling and treats will be needed I think.

The hole in the door. N.B. That is next door’s kitten looking through the hole!

Old man doing what old men do best! Power tools…..

New cat flap fully installed. Was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!
NOTE – For some strange reason, cat does not want to use shiny new cat flap and is sat on the wall eyeing it suspiciously. I’m hoping my Dad was right and the old ‘he’ll come in when he’s hungry’ line really is true. Honestly. Stupid cat!!