That is indeed the question. Hmmm.

Having been told my (paltry by usual standards) bonus and with some shares I have coming my way along with a whole boat load of expenses I will have just enough left after buying a boiler (sucks to be an adult) to invest in a MacBook.

To qualify my decision to spend so much cash on such a product, my current laptop is slowly dying. The hinges are knackered and the battery is following suit. And I’ve always said that if I’m going to get another laptop it’s going to be a MAC. It’s pretty obvious I’m going to get one, the question that needs to be answered is do I go for the normal MacBook which I can spec up to what I want or do I go for the MacBook Air which I can also spec up to what I want for a lovely £500 more!!! My brain is telling me to go for the normal MacBook as not only is it cheaper but it also has a cd drive for those of us who require one.

So, watch this space to find out which one I choose. Soon, I may be blogging from a shiny new Mac!!