It’s February, well very nearly March and spring should have sprung by now. Has it? Hell no. Normally I can live with it snowing when I’m at work as normally I work 1 mile from home. This time it snowed however, we are working from our second site while some building work is being done to our usual place. Our second site is 16 miles further away from home. Usually it’s a 30 minute drive on mostly nice 40 MPH roads. This morning it was 16 miles of hell, slush and snow. The guys at work, in the usual helpful way, decided to wind me up about how difficult it would be to get home. Well thanks guys. I was a gibbering wreck before I left, even telling the shift manager that if it carried on snowing I’d be working from the building closer to home thank you very much! But seriously, snow??? Haven’t we done that already? Please bring back the sunshine….