Work is over and I really should be in bed but, would you believe it, I’m wide awake. I’ve already emptied and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the worktop, fed the cat and tormented the ferret. Now I’m watching Top Gear from last night with the niggling thought that I should be doing something else. What was that? Oh yeah, sleeping!

It’s a busy week ahead, what with having my nails and eyebrows done, babysitting for the gorgeous little Xander (please oh please let it go as well as last time!), having a meal out with friends for her birthday, then going for tea and cakes with another friend and her little boy on Thursday before finishing it all off with my first proper weigh in at Fat Fighters. Then back to lovely (!) work on Friday.

So, seeing as I haven’t got anything any more interesting to say, check out the pictures to the side cos I’ve added some more in!