Things have been going badly just lately and just when I thought things would improve, they got, well painful.

Shiny New Kindle (SNK) arrived yesterday while I was at work so today I wandered off for it in my break. I hastened home to set up SNK which went swimmingly well considering I nearly always forget my network key! So books downloaded and all set up I went to sort out the ferret and then went upstairs to wash my hands. You’d think that was an innocuous action but apparently not, because as I was bending down to the sink I managed to pull something very painful in my lower back. Cue much swearing and very strange bracing my back against the walls to get down the stair. I managed to make it back to work only for my supportive colleagues (new colleagues on a new shift mind) to take the piss. Eventually they told me I should go home cos I wasn’t doing anything anyway other than saw ‘ooh’ or ‘ow’. So now I’m rammed with painkillers (hope I don’t accidentally overdose) and sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my back. I’m comfy-ish at the moment and very glad that all my various media drives are already hooked up to the TV. Plus I’ve got SNK to keep me amused.

Fingers crossed it gets better in time for work tomorrow.