My friends are bad influences. Although actually that isn’t strictly true, I will stand by it!!

I spent most of Tuesday night shift looking at Kindle’s on the internet. I read up on the specs and read reviews and decided that although I figured I’d really like one, I could do with seeing one in the flesh.

Well I managed to do that last night. Whilst attending a friends Twixtmas do I discovered that her loving husband had got her one for Christmas. So, after playing with it for a while and discovering that I really really liked it and therefore really really needed one, I headed home and ordered myself one along with a black case to go with it. Today, I got an email saying it had shipped. Woohoo. So, now I’m going to go on the internets and order myself some books in preparation.

If you don’t see or hear from me in a while, I’ll just be reading my Kindle!