Things appear to be going wrong at the moment and it’s starting to do my head in. Firstly, the hinge on my laptop appears to be knackered and pops open every time I open it. I’m going to have to have a word with my friendly computer specialist friend and hope he can do something with it. But the laptop problem pales in comparison with the flaming car!! Innocently coming back to work from lunch this cold Boxing Day and a light appears on the dashboard. After enquiring of someone in the know (not me on this occasion) I found out that it was the Check Engine Light. Getting back to work I googled what exactly that meant. Well that wasn’t very helpful really. Apparently it can mean anything from a loose cable to the car is about to die. So bets are currently on as to whether I dare drive the car or not and, with Monday and Tuesday being Bank Holidays, god knows when I’ll be able to get it into the garage. The only saving grace is that it is still under warranty so hopefully it won’t cost me either anything, or very much. Still, new car anyone???

Updated: Little car has been to the garage and it’s a stuck EGR valve (? I think). They’ve ordered a replacement part and it’s ok for me to drive it as long as I don’t go on long journeys. Good job I’m not planning on moving that much until I’m back in work on Monday.