For those of you who have not known me for longer than 2 years, my natural hair colour is indeed blonde. And, just in case I forget now that when I look in the mirror I see blue/black hair with red bits in my fringe, I reminded myself the other day.

Having left my interior light on in the car all during the day on Thursday, I came out to the car to go to work on Thursday night and was slightly perturbed to see my interior light still glowing. Hmm, thought I, that’s not going to be good. Let’s see if it’ll just turn over anyway. And guess what? It bloody didn’t. A phone call was made to the AA as well as to work where they laughed at my plight. 1 1/2 hours later a very young looking guy turned up, asked me what I’d done and then smirked at me and shook his head. It took him 3 whole minutes to get the car started again. He left me with instructions to run the car for 10 minutes then go into work all night to be ridiculed and asked repeatedly if I wanted a ‘jump’.

Luckily the car started first time when I came out of work on Friday morning and has started every time since. I’m now hoping I’ve charged the battery enough to not be embarrassed like that again!!