I have to admit that the reason for not feeling well may have something to do with the amount of alcohol consumed last night at my work Xmas do. Admittedly, I didn’t drink as much as I normally do but I figure that it was the sparkling rose that did it.

A very good night was had by all despite the snow and crappy weather and 28 of us being crammed into a space just about big enough for 20! It was very cosy!!

Highpoint of the evening? Well that had to be watching grown men making up cocktails to confuse the bar staff. Surprisingly Jack Daniels, Vodka and lemonade isn’t too inspiring a drink (and could also be responsible for my hangover!). When I left they had something that was pink and tasted of watermelon but they were all too drunk to let me know what was in it! There’s going to be some sore heads today.