Very busy weekend in fact. On Saturday I went to see The Social Network. I wouldn’t say it was the most brilliant film ever made but I did enjoy it and it was good to think about the story behind something that we all use almost every day. I never really thought about how or why Facebook was made, I just took it for granted. I was also impressed by the way my 11 year old niece managed to understand the film. David Fincher films aren’t the easiest to understand but she managed it.

I also went to see Despicable Me today which was absolutely, totally and utterly brilliant. I love kids films, I just don’t like the kids that are in the cinema too. It was also strange to see a film in a cinema that still has an interval and an ice cream seller in the interval. And much cheaper too. Bonus all round.

Spent this evening re-living the film Labyrinth and singing along to all the David Bowie songs and explaining to my sister via text that, yes there is singing in Labyrinth! Am now planning on watching the end of The Mummy Returns so I can see The Rock and drool (look at the picture and see what I mean!). Synopsis for NaNoWriMo is almost done and has just about killed me. It needs some work but I’m going to do that tomorrow with a nice coffee from Costa in the White Rose whilst I do the last (yes you heard me, the LAST) of my Christmas shopping!!!

Oh yeah, just one last thing. I WANT/NEED one of these for Christmas.