So, today is the day I find out where my job is going to be. As far as I’m aware there are only 2 options; where I currently am and London. Now don’t get me wrong, London is cool as a place to visit but not as a place to live or work! I’ve been looking at properties up to 1 1/2 hours commute from London and I can’t get anything at all for what I paid for the house I currently live in. I’d have to pay 3 times as much for a 1 bedroom flat. Fingers crossed I don’t have to move South. I’m off for a stiff vodka at 09:30!!

Updated 10:30 – Well that phone call didn’t tell me a right lot apart from I will have to re-apply for my job in Q1, 2011. Apparently it’s the 11am call that will tell me where the bridge is!