So, I’m still feeling crappy. Crappy enough to not want to go to the cinema with friends but obviously good enough to play on the internet and watch comedians on the TV (Eddie Izzard and Michael McIntyre so far).

Anyway, whilst perusing the internets, I came across this website. It reminded me how glad I am that I actually thought about (almost) all of the tattoos I have but also reminded me of one that I’ve been thinking about for ages but have so far chickened out cos it’s going tobe PAINFUL. This is what I want and the reason it’ll be painful is because I want it done down my side, over my ribs where (even on me) there’s not a great deal of padding. In fact, the tattooist recommended I have it done whilst I’m larger so that it doesn’t hurt as much. Luckily (!) I don’t have the spare case at the moment for such an undertaking although I’m going to have to have something done before long cos I’ve got me a hankering. Maybe I’ll just stick to having the stars on the back of my neck extended over my shoulder and work up to the corset one…….

P.S. I’ve just realised that I’ve taken decongestant to stop my nose being stuffy and I have taken antihistamines to stop the sneezing and running nose. A tad counter-intuitive I fear!!