No, I’ve not gone all religious. It’s a brand of clothing and accessories that I stumbled across about a year ago and I have managed to amass quite a collection. Actually I’ve got a lot more than I thought I had before I started writing this post!

I’ve always had a thing for skulls in all shapes, sizes, colours, everything. I’m not saying that I wander up to people and start feeling their heads (that would be creepy and would probably result in me being like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory with lots of restraining orders on my wall). I just like skulls. Whether they’re menacing or not, I love them all. I can’t remember when it started exactly but I remember doing Design and Technology for a GCSE where we had to make something that was aesthetically pleasing. I chose to carve a skull, complete with vampire fangs and snake coming out of its eye socket, from wood. I remember the woodwork teacher saying that at least I had chosen something original (and indeed, I used to come in to class to see that he had done something to it for me – drilling out eye holes etc).

So that’s round about when my fascination started and since then it’s just grown. I was a goth when I was younger and skulls were the in thing for Goths. As I’ve got older I’ve toned down the goth-ness (the corporate world isn’t ready for that!) but the desire still lies deep rooted within my soul!

Why do I mention this now, on a blog post that probably about 5 people will read? Well I was sat at work and was thinking about my new bag which I love which in turn led me to think about the brand that makes it and all the cool stuff they do. Skulls on clothing or jewellery are ten-a-penny these days. It is no longer consigned to the strange shops you would find tucked away down alleys which sold incense and pots of strange coloured hair dyes (which will dye the bath just as well as your hair – trust me, I know!). Anyway, I digress. My new bag. It is lovely. And is my third purchase from Religion, ( a clothing and accessories brand. The brand was initially developed as a niche t-shirt range but soon expanded in to other aspects of clothing and accessories. If I had to, I’d describe it as rock-chic but I’d rather not. What I do like about the brand, is their wonderful use of skulls and skeletons. It makes me happy!

I got my first bag about 8 months ago. It’s so cool. It’s black (naturally), huge and has the trademark kneeling down and praying skeleton on it.

I then went on to get a purse to match!

And lastly I got another bag the other week. My new bag is probably my favourite because of the new skull designs they are using.

As you can see from the picture, there are skull adornments hanging from the zips and these little skulls have little crowns on them (which is very reminiscent of Alexander McQueen stuff). Whilst this bag is a little small for all the stuff that I cart around with me on a daily basis, it’s a good little bag for the weekend when I just want my purse, phone etc.

I may also have ordered this one for when I go out on the town!!! (I totally forgot about that!)

The only problem is, I was looking on the internet for other Religion accessories and, well, I can see my wage disappearing very quickly. Especially if I convince myself that I NEED the hard clutch bag with crowned skull knuckleduster handle. Isn’t it beautiful?

 Oh, and then there was the watch too!!! I really do have a problem don’t I?

So, what do you look for when you’re buying accessories?


Old age ramblings

I was talking to one of my friends the other day (the lovely Mariella – you can find her blog here) about dreams and aspirations for the future and this got me thinking so I figured I’d do a bit of a rambling blog entry on it (what else was I going to do?)!

I’m getting to an age now (21 again) where I’m thinking more about the future and what I want it to entail. I’ve done the whole ‘getting a career’ thing and seem to have done ok at it. I love my job which is a rare thing these days and I can see myself spending a few more years doing what I’m doing but (and this is a big but), as much as I love my job I don’t envisage me doing this right until the point of retirement. I always figured I’d be married and have kids by now but that hasn’t happened either so I’m having to re-evaluate my life a bit. To be honest the last time I really thought about what the future would hold I was a teenager just heading off to university. Then I thought that I would be a world famous author living in America and making a fortune. Well, that didn’t happen. Partly because (well mostly if I’m being honest) of my lack of ability to finish anything (lots of good ideas but no drive to get past the dodgy bit in the middle to the end). And then there’s the whole talent thing too!

So what do I want my future to entail? Well the idea struck me at the end of last year that I wanted to move; actually properly move away from the area where I grew up to somewhere completely new. And I came up with Norfolk; more specifically the north of Norfolk. You know, where the country suddenly gets a big bum before it heads on down Brighton way but at the top end of the big bum, like around the coccyx area. I didn’t’ come up with this willy-nilly. There was a degree of thought that went in to it. I used to go to Norfolk for family holidays and the death of one of my uncles who used to come with us spurred me on with remembering what it was like (which was a massive convoy of about 8 cars all driving down at about 3 in the morning because my Grandma didn’t like being on the motorway when it was busy – not that she was driving!!!). There were other aspects that I thought of too. It’s close enough to home so that people can come and visit without it being an overly long journey but it’s far enough away that people can’t just pop in! And, this is the best bit, I can live by the sea. Not by the sea say in Blackpool where there are millions of people but somewhere quiet by the sea where I can walk on the beach in summer (and winter) and there not be loads of other people there.

I think what I’m really after is a bit of solitude. And the sea. And a detached house with no neighbours next door with dogs that bark all the time or who play music till silly-o’clock when I have work the next day!

Whilst researching this brilliant idea I came across some lovely pictures from where I was first thinking of living and I thought I’d share them with you all. Enjoy.

What would be your dream place to live?

Strange Celebrity Crushes

I’ve long been well known for having crushes on the strangest of people. You’d think that, as I got older, I’d stop crushing on people and you know, grow up. But alas, that hasn’t happened and I don’t think it ever will do. But I do understand that some of my crushes are a little ‘off’ but if everyone was the same then the world would be very boring, wouldn’t it?!

Kevin Spacey 

I have deliberately inserted an old picture of him (from the time around American Beauty which was (eek) 1999), mostly because I’m not stupid but also because this is one of the first photos I remember ever seeing of him. I mean, honestly, just look at the muscles on that. I know it’s over 10 years old but it created the crush and that crush has stayed. He played a maniacal serial killer in Seven absolutely brilliantly, was a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis in American Beauty (oh the naked garage scene) and a dope smoking shrink in, funnily enough, Shrink. I know it’s wrong in so many ways and I know that, technically, he’s old enough to be my dad, but this is one crush that looks like it’s here to stay!!

Eddie Izzard

Leather mini skirt and boobs!!!


Whether he’s in girl mode or boy mode, I honestly don’t care. I also don’t care that he’s all of 5’7″ (why are men so short?). The guy is absolutely gorgeous, has legs to die for, has the bluest eyes ever and a cheeky smile. I’ve watched all of his comedy gigs (from Stripped to Unrepeatable) and have laughed my way through them all. I’ve even sat through Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen just for the bits he’s in. And I watched both series of The Riches which I can highly recommend (especially the first episode so you can see his gorgeous little bum!). He’s also technically old enough to be my dad but hey, if I don’t care that Kevin Spacey is, I’m not likely to care that Eddie Izzard is!

Benedict Cumberbatch

This is probably one of my more ‘acceptable’ crushes. I mean who doesn’t look someone who portrays a good old English fictional character so well? Some people reckon he looks like a horse or an otter but I can’t see it myself. Yes, he is a bit unusual looking but look at those cheekbones, those eyes and those ‘come here and kiss me’ lips. *faint* And, if you were in London last year and were lucky enough to get to see him and Jonny Miller in Frankenstein, then you’d get to see ALL of him if you get what I mean?? He’s currently wowing America while filming the new Star Trek movie which is the only reason I’ll be going to see it. In England though, we’re waiting for him to come back to the fold and film the next series of Sherlock so we can find out exactly how he did that in the last episode!

Sunday Internet Stuff

So this week’s post is all about food. I love my food and am always looking for something more interesting to eat. Here are some of the cool things I have found over this past week.

I wish I had known this earlier. It would have saved me so many embarrassing moments!

This is so totally cool. How on earth do people find out that they can do things like this?

How cool is this for a cake topper??

It’s the head of Ned!!! Game of Throne Ned Stark inspired cake pops! Brilliant.

Another Game of Thrones pic. Which beer are you?

Have a good week.

Friday Lists – Books

I so totally suck at getting these Friday Lists up on time, or at all. Anyway, I swear this one will go up on a Friday like it should. Well hopefully anyway!!

So this week I thought I’d talk about some of my most favourite books of the moment. I used to read loads. I always had a book on the go but over the past year or so I have been reading less and less. I’m trying to read more and make a point of reading before I go to sleep at night. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!!

Here are some of my favourite books:

CINDER by Marissa Meyer
This book is an updated tale of Cinderella set in a futuristic universe where cyborgs are the norm and there are strange, magical people who live on the moon. Cinder is a great mechanic who lives with her wicked stepmother and two ugly sisters (although one of them is nice and the other one is horrible and neither of them are ugly). Instead of a glass slipper there is a cyborg foot and instead of a pumpkin there is a car. This is a really good read. I’m guessing it’s YA but who cares. And there are going to be 3 more books in this series focussing on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. Can’t wait for them to come out.

I first read this book when I was at university as my dissertation tutor told me it would help with the kind of fiction I was writing for my dissertation. I loved it then and I have loved it since. I haven’t see the movie version with Harry Potter sorry, Daniel Radcliffe primarily because I still think of him as Harry Potter and can’t imagine him actually being an adult! This reads like a traditional English ghost story. There’s no gore for gore’s sake and there’s not that much bad language either. The book is frightening in a way that a lot of horror books fail miserably at. Try reading it at night in a silent house and see what you think.

DRACULA by Bram Stoker
I have read this book so many times I know it inside out. I have also watched almost all of the films based on the book. The most memorable being Keanu Reeves’ version; most memorable because of how bad his English accent is but how brilliant Dracula was played by Gary Oldman. Anyone who knows me knows that I love vampires and anything along that vein and this is largely form reading Dracula. I read it for my English Literature A Level but I’d read it before that and still loved it. Everyone knows the story. It’s been retold in so many different ways but for me it will always be the original book by Bram Stoker that I prefer.

I know these books are for teenagers and the subsequent TV show is for teenagers but what can I say? I love all of the books in this series. I have them all on the Kindle app on my ipad and I’m waiting for the next one to come out so I can read that too. There are several books in this series:
Pretty Little Liars
Stunning (not yet released)
Burned (not yet released)
These books are great if you want something you can read without really paying that much attention to. They’re not literary classics (IMHO, sorry) but they are great for when you want something that will take you away from whatever is going on in your life and put you in the lives of Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hannah and everyone surrounding them.

HOUSE OF NIGHT by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Like the Pretty Little Liars series, these books are aimed at the young adult audience but as you can see from above, that has never stopped me. These books are more me. There’s vampires and witches and ghosts and ghoulies and weird things that are half human-half raven (weird). I read the last novel to come out in this series in a day which is rare for me these days. I can’t wait for the rest to come out so I can find out what’s going to happen. So far there are 9 published books in this series with a tenth coming out soon.
Hidden (not yet published)
When Hidden comes out I’ll be downloading it for sure.

So these were just a few of my favourite books. What are your favourite books?

More baking stuff

So I went shopping to an outlet and wandered in to a cookware store. I love it in there. They have good quality bakeware at a fraction of a normal cost. The brand I have is ProCook and you can buy it here. They have a sale on at the moment so it is really good value. I already have a lot of stuff from there that I got for my birthday and christmas last year. I have 3 8″ springform tins, a large baking sheet and a cupcake pan. To add to my collection I bought two smaller baking sheets and a loaf tin.

Oven gloves

Loaf tin

Baking sheet

In my mind you can never have too many baking sheets. Whether you use them for baking or just for general food cooking, they’re a staple in any kitchen. I got the loaf tin as there are a few recipes I’ve seen that I fancy trying out. One of them is from Nigella and can be found here. One of my friends made this cake when I went round to visit and I can attest that it is absolutely gorgeous when eaten still warm with lots of cream. I fancy having a go at this one myself. I got the oven gloves as I only have one silicon mitt which is the weirdest thing in the world (shaped like a crocodile) and I figured I needed more than one to get things out of the oven without using a tea towel and burning myself in the process!

When I finally get round to making something in my loaf tin, I’ll be sure to do a post on it (if it turns out good that is!)

Sunday Internet Stuff

This is so odd, it deserves a ‘Sunday Internet Stuff’post of it’s own.


I was perusing the internet this week (when am I not doing that to be honest?) and I was having a look on Firebox. This is a website that’s good for geeks and buying the more stranger gifts that you might need. It’s pretty much geek heaven. I noticed that there was a section on there called WFT?! and that just screamed at me to check it out. Nestled in these web pages I found something called Project Utopia with a picture that looked like it came straight out of a Bond movie.

See? All it needs is Daniel Craig lounging by the pool!

Not surprisingly a price isn’t listed but is POA (price on application) which leads me to believe that I will never ever be able to afford it! Especially when the description says that it will set you back several hundred million pounds. But it’s good to dream about these things so, if you happen to have some several hundred million pounds lying down the back of the sofa, here’s what your money can get you:

  • It is 100m in width and breadth and is split over 11 decks.
  • It is designed for minimal motion, even in the most choppy of seas – good for those millionaires who have seasickness!
  • There is a wet dock and several helipads.
  • A retractable canopy covers the uppermost deck – shade anyone?
  • On the ’13th’ floor there is an observatory with 360 degree views (at this point I’m imagining Bond pretty much naked and on a sheepskin rug!)
  • Accomodates 70 crew and up to 16 guests.
  • It comes with a dive dock and submarine!!!!

OMG!!! I’m guessing that, since this is a concept model, you can add pretty much anything you want as long as you have enough cash. I know no one reading this blog is likely to have the money to pay for this but looking at things like this make me happy!!!

For more information (and if you want to see how the other half live, visit here.

Oh, and just so you know, in the WTF?! section you can also get a replica Batmobile, Delorean, a Villain chair and a giant gumball machine.

Blast from the past

So the other day I decided to watch Scream 2. I used to love the Scream movies and have seen them all but, apart from Scream 4, I haven’t seen any of them for a looooong  time. So when Scream 2 was on the TV I figured it was worth a watch.

And it so totally was. It was like a who’s who of the 1990s. I sat staring at the scream, making strange noises every time I saw someone in a very young incarnation of themselves. There was Buffy, aka Sarah Michelle Gellar, looking very blonde and ditsy like she used to do whilst she wasn’t kicking vampire ass. Joshua Jackson made a very small, fleeting appearance looking a lot cuter than he does now that he’s in Fringe. There was Rebecca Gayheart who has made several appearances in teen slasher movies like this, such as Urban Legend (another one with Joshua Jackson in it I do believe). But, I’m saving the best till the last and this man is by far my favourite. Timothy Olyphant. Oh. My. God. He is totally gorgeous. He was gorgeous as a psychotic in this film but also gorgeous in Hitman, Die Hard 4.0 and Justified.

Here’s a pic to let you all know who he is.

You’re welcome!

Sunday Internet Stuff

Here you are. More weird and wonderful things from the world of the internets. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

The Avengers are awesome. I saw the movie the other day and it was the best that I’ve seen in a long while. Lots of male totty and a token woman for the men to drool over.

This is so wrong, yet a little bit right.

Secret Starbucks menu. Am I the only one who wants to go and order each and every one to see if they actually know how to make them?

I’m not sure I like the idea of having actual toes in socks, but I’m open to the possibility!

Shopping, shopping, shopping

A holiday from work would not be complete without a little trip to the shopping centre so this morning I set out on my way. After a slightly nerve-wracking journey there (think small car, high winds) I wandered in to Selfridges. I had to stop off and look at all the cute Hello Kitty goodies before I did anything else!

Unfortunately my good mood didn’t stay for long as the girl from the NARS counter made me feel about 3 which explains why I walked away without buying anything. The girl on the MAC counter faired slightly better but, to be honest, not much. But still, I managed to get hold of some Fix+.


I did also manage to find a top to wear to my niece’s christening which kind of isn’t me but is more me than the other stuff I’ve been looking at. And people tend to look at you strange if you turn up in all black and goth-ed up for a christening. I’m going to team it with some black trousers and a small cardigan and some strappy heels if I ever manage to find some.

It’s got a crochet bit around the neck and pretty girly flowers on it. (I am so not a girly-girl!)

After stopping for a refreshing mango smoothie I wandered on down to Lush to get myself some goodies for my bath and shower. And I spent a fortune but at least I’ll smell nice for the next couple of months.

It’s Raining Men shower gel, Helping Hands hand cream and Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Melting Marshmallow Moment, Comforter Bubble Bar Slice, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice

I love Lush. They are most definitely my bath products of choice. It’s Raining Men is basically Honey I Washed The Kids soap in a liquid form. I love the soap but prefer a shower gel for when I’m in the shower. I got the biggest size and whilst it was expensive, I reckon it’ll last me for ages. I had a sample of Helping Hands a while ago and thought it was a good hand cream. It’s better to be used at night as it’s quite sticky. I’ll be putting this on my bedside table. I got the Fair Trade Foot Lotion on a bit of a whim. I’m not sure I like the smell but I figure it’s going to be on my feet and far away from my nose so it should be ok! But it’s getting towards sandal weather (hopefully anyway) and I need to give my feet some TLC. And then for the bath products, I stuck to my three most favourite ones of all. They all basically smell sweet and like candy. The Comforter turns the bath water pink which is always a bonus! At least I know what my plan for tonight is going to be – book and bath.

And then, on my way back out to the car, and seeing as I didn’t spend my usual fortune in Paperchase, I stopped off at the Jelly Belly shop in Selfridges. You pick up a bag and then you can choose just the jelly beans you like so there’s none of the having to fish around in the bag and hoping you’ll get a flavour you like.


Unfortunately my shopping trip wasn’t that brilliant or interesting but it was a fun way to spend a morning. All that shopping has tired me out so I’m off for a nap…..